List of Chrysler Assembly Plants

Jessica Kolifrath

Chrysler is an international car company that produces a wide range of automobile brands found in millions of neighborhood driveways, including Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles. The company operates assembly plants across North America, including plants in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Some of the company's assembly plants were closed in 2008 due to bankruptcy.

Belvidere Assembly Plant

This Chrysler assembly plant is in Belvidere, Illinois. It employees 2,600 people as of October 2010 and assembles the Dodge Caliber, Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass vehicles, according to "USAToday." It also uses 945 robotics units during the assembly process.

Conner Avenue Assembly Plant

Detroit's second largest Chrysler assembly plant is the Conner Avenue location. It employs more than 5,000 workers and features 392,000 square feet of floor space, says the Chrysler website. It was responsible for assembling the Dodge Viper, which was taken off of the market in June 2010. At that time this assembly plant was put into idle status, and remains there as of October 2010.

Jefferson North Assembly Plant

The 3 million square feet of the Jefferson North assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan makes it the largest Chrysler assembly plant in the area. The Chrysler website says that it employs nearly 3,000 workers as of October 2010 and uses more than 600 robotic units in the assembly process. The newest Jeep Grand Cherokee lines are assembled at this plant.

Sterling Heights Assembly Plant

Located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Chrysler has two assembly plants that create the Sebring Sedan and Convertible, as well as the Dodge Avenger. "USAToday" says that the company plans to shut down one of the two plants by the end of 2010 due to bankruptcy.

Toledo North Assembly Plant

The 200-acre plant in Toledo, Ohio produces the Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro models for Chrysler with roughly 1,700 employees and 600 robots, according to the Chrysler website. A supplier park is within the compound, and the two buildings share employees and warehouse space to conserve resources.

Warren Truck Assembly Plant

Truck parts and assemblies for all of the Chrysler truck lines, including the Dodge and Ram vehicles, are produced at the Warren Truck Assembly and Stamping Plant. Located in Warren, Michigan, this plant employees more than 4,000 people and assembles lift gates and extended cab pick-up trucks, according to "USAToday."

Brampton, Ontario Assembly Plant

Chrysler's 2.95 million square-foot assembly plant in Brampton, Ontario, Canada creates the Chrysler 300 model series, the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Challenger. The Chrysler website says that it uses more than 20 miles of conveyor belts in the assembly line, nearly 500 robots and 2,733 workers in two daily shifts.

Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant

This Saltillo, Mexico assembly plant produces six different Ram series trucks, including one that is exclusive to the Mexican market, according to Chrysler. Stamping for these trucks is done mostly on site due to the inclusion of a satellite stamping facility in the same compound.

Toluca Assembly Plant

Stamping is also done on site at the Toluca, Mexico assembly plant. According to Chrysler, this facility is smaller and produces only the Dodge Journey and the PT Cruiser. It employs nearly 2,500 workers who are unionized through a Mexican labor union program.

Windsor Assembly Plant

Chrysler's first Canadian assembly plant has been operating since 1928. The Windsor facility is the largest assembly plant, with 4.01 million square feet, and it also employs the most people. It produces the Dodge Caravan, the Volkswagen Routan and the Chrysler Town & Country. More than 1,000 robotic units are used at this factory for optimal assembly efficiency.