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Hanging a Porch Swing Between Two Trees

Christina Sloane

A porch swing makes the perfect place to relax and read or talk with a friend on a nice day. Although typically suspended from roof beams, sturdy tree branches can also support a swing in the absence of a porch. Choose healthy, live branches at least 4 inches in diameter to support the weight of the swing plus the people in it.

Hang a porch swing from trees instead of beams.

Step 1

Choose two healthy trees at least as far apart as the seat of the porch swing plus 2 feet. Measure 3 feet behind and in front of the trees and remove any obstructions. The swing must have 3 feet of free swinging space in both directions.

Step 2

Wrap a deflated hose or inner tube around each of the two branches where you plan to suspend the swing’s chains. The rubber will cushion the branch and prevent the chain from digging into the wood.

Step 3

Wrap the chains around the rubber until the seat of the swing is suspended about 17 inches above the ground.

Step 4

Thread a bolt through the chain links right below the branches. Use a wrench to tighten a nut around the bolt to secure the chains in place. The swing is now ready to use.