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How to Fix a Bleach Spot on a Sofa

Michael Davidson

While bleach is a very effective stain remover for white fabric in small doses, it takes the dye out of other colors and leaves white spots in its wake. Bleach is highly corrosive, so an undiluted spill can burn a hole through the fabric in addition to discoloration. A bleach spot on a sofa likely is highly noticeable, and repairing the spot so it isn't seen takes some effort.

Step 1

Thoroughly rinse the bleach spot if it is fresh. Soaking it with a sponge helps rinse out any remaining chemicals.

Step 2

Thoroughly dry the area with a towel to pull out any remaining moisture in the couch cushion. Let the spot completely dry.

Step 3

Apply a fabric marker to the bleach spot that matches the couch color as closely as possible. It may take several applications to affect the spot so it blends in with the surrounding fabric. Let the marker dry for several hours.

Step 4

Cover the spot with a decorative pillow if the spot still is bothering you.