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How to Hide Electrical Wires in an Unfinished Basement

Sarah Schreiber

An unfinished basement presents a range of possibilities, from extra storage space to a large playroom for a child. One issue with unfinished basements is that things such as electrical wires are left exposed, creating an eyesore. Hiding the wires from view gives a more pleasant appearance to the basement.

Step 1

Secure a grouping of electrical wires together with plastic ties. Measure the length of the wire bundle, and cut a piece of fabric to the length. Measure the circumference of the wire bundle, and add 2 inches. Cut the fabric to this width. Attach a strip of hook-and-loop tape to either side of the fabric. Wrap the cloth cord cover around the wire bundle, and secure it with the hook-and-loop tape.

Step 2

Block the section of a wall that contains electrical wires with a large piece of furniture, such as solid shelving, that can be used for storage.

Step 3

Cover a long bundle of electrical wires on the ceiling by encasing them in a hollow beam. Slip these U-shaped beams over the bundles, and nail them directly into the ceiling. Paint the beam for a more finished appearance.

Step 4

Hide the basement electric wiring with plastic cable raceways. Cut the raceway to the appropriate length, and remove the paper backing that covers the adhesive. Stick the raceway directly to the wall so it covers the wiring.

Step 5

Make a fabric wall to cover a large section of electrical wires. Measure from one wall stud to another in the area that holds the wires. Cut a piece of fabric to double this length, for a curtain-like effect. Install one eye hook directly into each stud, and run a curtain wire between the two studs. Clip the fabric in place, and pull it over the wires to hide them.