How to Fix Hot Water Pressure Problems in a Shower

Hot water is an important commodity when it comes to showers. While cold water might help you wake up in the morning, it is not the preference for most people. Your home has only a certain amount of hot water pressure at a given time because your water heater warms the water and stores it in a tank. You lose water pressure as the hot water gets low on supply and if the pressure is being used in other locations in the home. Fixing hot water pressure problems in the shower requires planning and conservation.

Hot water pressure is vital when it comes to showers.

Step 1

Turn off other faucets, dishwashers, washing machines and devices that are using water while the shower is running. The home has only a certain amount of pressure at a time, and it divides it among whatever is in use. The fewer items you have operating, the more water pressure you have for the shower. This is especially true for washing machines and dishwashers that use hot water.

Step 2

Examine the plumbing valves in the bathroom and make sure they are turned up all the way. A partially closed valve cuts off your available water pressure in the shower.

Step 3

Remove the shower head and clean it under hot water to remove blockages. Hard water leaves mineral deposits inside the shower head that restrict water flow. Wedge out the plastic disc inside the head with a knife, and open each individual hole of the head with a sewing needle. Replace the disc when you're finished.

Step 4

Attach a higher pressure shower head to increase the hot water pressure if the current shower head still isn't effective. The pressure head pushes the water out through fewer openings, which increases the pressure in each individual stream.

Step 5

Check the pipes throughout the house for leaks. A leak can greatly reduce the water pressure in your system. Repairing leaks improves the pressure throughout the house, including the shower.

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