How to Install a Fixed Privacy Mesh Cover on a Gate

Cover your fence gate for privacy and receive the added benefit of a windscreen. Many types of fence slats are available to retrofit fencing with privacy covers. Fabric, vinyl and wood slats are fast and simple to install. The slats are locked into the chain-link mesh at the top or bottom of the gate with the use of horizontal rails. Wing slats are wider at the top and lock into the chain-link mesh of the gate as they are pushed through to the bottom. Fencing experience and tools are not needed to install vinyl fencing slats on your chain-link gate.

Cover a chain-link gate in a wood fence with privacy slats.

Step 1

Measure the height of the fence and locate the correct size of vinyl fence slats at a home improvement store.

Step 2

Position yourself at the gate where you can look straight down into the chain-link mesh fencing. Locate the spacing between the chain-links that runs vertically in a straight line from top to bottom.

Step 3

Hold the vinyl wing slat vertically above the chain-link gate and direct it straight down through the visible channel formed by the chain-link mesh.

Step 4

Push the vinyl wing slat until the top of the slat, which is wider than the bottom, locks into position in the chain-link mesh. Continue adding slats via this process until the gate is covered for privacy.


  • Do not severely bend the vinyl slats; the vinyl permanently creases, detracting from its appearance.