How to Repair a 1/4-Inch Vinyl Cording Patio Chair

F.R.R. Mallory

Vinyl strapping patio chairs are fairly comfortable and durable. The lacing is only /4- inch wide so the furniture tends to look similar to rattan at a distance. When the lacing breaks, a lot of people think they have to give up their chairs. This isn't necessary; you can simply relace the chair. The lace is sold in a wide variety of colors so you also have the option of changing the color of your chair at the same time.

Strapping style chairs are popular for poolside lounging.

Step 1

Remove all of the existing cord from the chair. Clean the chair body with soap and water. Paint the chair a new color if you are changing the color of the chair lacing. Spray the chair with a closely matching paint color. Allow the paint 24 hours to dry before lacing the chair.

Step 2

Place the chair with the back on the ground and the top facing you. Thread the lace through the top hole on the right side. Take the lace over the left side.

Step 3

Slide a cord stop over the end of the lace cord. Cord stops are sold at fabric stores. Tie a knot 5 inches from the end of the cord. Press the cord stop tight against the knot so that it holds tight to the cord. Insert the end of the lace in the second hole in the tubing. Push the lace inside the tube past the cord stop. Pull on the end of the lace coming through the first hole on the right side. The cord in the second hole should feel anchored. Apply a clamp over the cord on the left top side to help hold it in place.

Step 4

Pull the right cord tight. Bring the cord over the top of the tube and back under, up the outside edge and over the tube. Place a clamp over the wrapped cord. Take the cord under and to the left side, up and over the tube, under, up and over. Move your left clamp over the new wrapped area. Bring the cord down, under and over. Wrap a second loop. Move the clamp. Keep a steady tension. Take the cord to the other side, down, under and over. Wrap a second loop. Move the clamp. Continue down the entire seat back.

Step 5

Cut and anchor several inches of the end cord when you reach the bottom of the back. Cut the cord 4 to 5 inches longer than what you need. Slide on a cord stop. Tie a knot where it should be to hold the cord tight. Press the cord stop tight to the knot and gripping the cord. Insert the cord into the hole in the tube including the cord stop. The stop should block the opening in the chair tube. Repeat the technique for the seat. Some chairs will have holes through the tube around bends and you may need to take extra wraps around some obstacles. Keep the tension steady and taut. This is a simple criss-cross wrapping technique.

Step 6

Wrap the arms of the chair by creating an anchor in the hole, using the same technique as before. Wrap the cord around the tube, keeping the wrapping tight. Use the clamp to help hold the cord. Anchor at the other end.