Temporary Homemade Outside Flooring

Whether creating temporary flooring for a party, wedding or other special event, there are numerous, inexpensive do-it-yourself flooring options.
Items found in your garage or your yard can create a flooring area. Use carpet samples so long as you have a waterproof surface. Use flooring options that are easy to install and remove for best results.

Step 1

Create flooring by using a large tarp. Heavy rocks on the tarp’s corners keep it in place with smaller rocks on the sides if needed. If you feel the tarp is not an attractive enough option for temporary outdoor flooring, use carpeting over the tarp. The tarp protects the carpeting from dirt and moisture.

Step 2

Arrange decorative, ceramic garden tiles creating a flooring area in your yard. The tiles may be heavy, so ask for help moving and arranging them if necessary. Create square, triangular or rectangular shapes, and even circular shapes depending on the tiles’ shapes. Use as many tiles as needed for creating as large or small a floor as desired.

Step 3

Use interlocking laminate flooring as temporary outdoor flooring. Interlocking laminate flooring is considered a floating floor, as it is not attached to concrete or other surfaces. The interlocking aspect of the flooring allows for easy installation. Place the flooring on as flat a surface as possible for best results.

Step 4

Arrange a variety of welcome mats as temporary outdoor flooring. Use mats that say, "Welcome!" in different languages as well as those made of different materials including fabric, vinyl and rubber. Use mats featuring bright hues and a variety of designs and patterns making colorful temporary flooring.

Things You Will Need

  • Tarp
  • Large and small rocks
  • Carpet samples
  • Ceramic garden tiles
  • Interlocking laminate flooring
  • Welcome mats


  • Sand may be used to create outdoor flooring for a beach-themed party or event, although you should keep the sand on a tarp or other surface for easy removal later.
  • Create pebble mosaics as temporary outdoor flooring pieces.

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