How to Build a Fence Around an A/C Unit

Keeping homes and businesses cool during hot, summer afternoons requires the right machinery. Larger units means large and noisy, outdoor air compressors. One way homeowners make their yards quieter and neater is by concealing the units with a fence or screen. Keeping units out of eyesight may also deter criminals who steal copper wiring and the metal housing for scrap. Think ahead and allow room for service repair to access your unit. Provide a 3-foot circumference between the air conditioner compressor and the concealment. You can get good coverage and allow the unit to cool properly with a two- or three-sided fence.

Unprotected air-conditioning units make an ugly eyesore.

Step 1

Arrange 13 1-by-4 planks vertically on a work table. Arrange the planks tightly. Place two horizontal planks across the arrangement, one 6 inches from the top the other 6 inches from the bottom. Use the pneumatic nailer and attach the horizontal planks to the vertical planks, nailing along the board at every plank. Repeat this process two more times to make the three sides of this fence.

Step 2

Place one finished panel, right side up, on the work table. Attach two wrought-iron hinges to the panel, one 6 inches from the top, one 6 inches from the bottom, using a power drill. Lay another panel on the table, lining up the two panels. Attach the second panel to the first by attaching the wrought iron hinge to the panel, connecting the two. Use the drill to attach the last panel to the last pair of hinges. Attach the panel to the second panel. This will give you a three-sided fence panel.

Step 3

Flip the panels over carefully so the wrong sides are facing up. Attach one cane bolt to each panel, at the left end of the panel. Use the bracket assemblies that came with the bolt panel and screw them into place.

Step 4

Arrange the panels around the unit in a 3-foot circumference. Secure them in the ground using the bolt panels. Make the screen more permanent by attaching the two end panels to the building using screws.


  • Don't place the screens too closely to the unit or lean them against the unit as this may cause the air conditioner to overheat.
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