How to Build a Corner Wall Television Mount

Nat Fondell

The introduction of flat-screen televisions has made television sets capable of installation anywhere -- so they're showing up on formerly unexpected surfaces. The ability to merely hang a television on a few screws like a framed painting makes the flat-screen installation process something that even the least experienced do-it-yourselfer can accomplish without requiring a kit or a professional. Your primary need is to locate reliable wall supports in the form of studs behind the drywall or paneling and secure wooden supports to them. Then you'll secure to the supports an attachment panel for the television, which mounts on the panel with screws or included mounting brackets.

You can install a flat-screen TV just about anywhere.

Step 1

Find the stud locations on each wall in the corner where you want the TV to hang. Choose studs two feet or more from the corner. Mark the locations of the studs, delineating each side of the stud clearly at the level on the wall where you want the TV to hang.

Step 2

Position a 12-inch-long 2-by-4 board vertically over one of the two marked studs, with its wider (3½-inch) surface against the wall. Center the board over the marked stud, and drill three equidistant holes through the center of the 2-by-4 and through the wall surface into the stud. Repeat this step with another 12-inch 2-by-4 on the marked stud on the adjacent wall.

Step 3

Pass a 5-inch wood screw through a washer and into each hole in each 2-by-4. Tighten each one in place on the wall with a drill.

Step 4

Measure the distance between the two vertical boards. Transfer this measurement to a 2-by-4 and cut it with the saw. Place this cut 2-by-4 with its large surface against the vertical boards. The boards will not meet flush.

Step 5

Look at the board from the bottom up, and mark the underside of the board with the cut that needs to be made in the board to make it sit flush against the vertical boards. This cut should be about a 45-degree angle from the front corner inward, depending on the positions of the vertical boards.

Step 6

Set this 2-by-4 in a miter box or vise and use a saw to cut the board along that line, so that the final product is a 2-by-4 with one large surface that is longer than the other large surface. The bigger side, or front side, should be the same distance as the previously measured distance between the two vertical boards, and the smaller side, or rear side, should be about three inches less.

Step 7

Hold the 2-by-4 over the two vertical boards and drill two holes through the 2-by-4 and into each vertical 2-by-4. Attach the new board with 3-inch wood screws passed through washers.

Step 8

Position the TV's mounting bracket against the center of this 2-by-4. Drill 1½-inch wood screws through each hole in the mounting bracket and into the 2-by-4. If the TV did not come with a mounting bracket, drill 1½-inch screws halfway into the 2-by-4. Space these screws the same distance apart as the holes on the back of the TV.

Step 9

Lower the TV in place on the bracket or the wood screws. Run an extension cable to the nearest outlet.