How to Add Plumbing to the Laundry Room for a Sink

There are few things as convenient as a sink in the laundry room. It provides a convenient place to soak clothing, fill buckets and large containers and pour out dirty mop water. Unfortunately, many do-it-yourselfers make a cardinal mistake when adding waste plumbing for a laundry sink. They do not vent the drain assembly appropriately and, as a result, they encounter a host of drainage issues later.

PVC cement sets very rapidly; do not delay when making connections.

Step 1

Shut off the water supply and notify the household not to use any plumbing features, including the toilet, until the job is complete.

Step 2

Mark the length of the Y-branch connector on the house drain. Cut through the house drain at the marks. Remove the cut section. File the cut ends smooth. Remove any burrs from the end of the pipe with a file. Test fit the Y-branch connector. Separate the connector from the cut drain. Lightly brush a coat of primer on the outside of the drain and the inside of the opening of the connector. Wait 15 seconds for the primer to soften the surface of the PVC pipe.

Step 3

Quickly brush a coat of PVC cement on the outside of the drain and inside of the connector. Slip the connector onto the drain and align the connector with both cut ends of the drain. Hold the joint together for a few seconds to allow the cement to set. Do not touch the joint for three to four minutes to facilitate a good seal.

Step 4

Brush a coat of PVC primer in the remaining opening of the Y-branch connector and on the outside of the tee connector opening. Wait 15 seconds for the primer to work, then brush on a coat of PVC cement on the connectors. Slip the tee into the Y-branch connector and allow the joint to set. Cut a length of PVC pipe and, using the same method as with the other fittings, attach it to the tee opening that faces up. At the top of the length of PVC, attach an elbow connector.

Step 5

Mark the existing vent stack with the length of a tee connector and cut the section of PVC out. Replace the section with a tee connector. Ensure that the remaining opening is facing outward. Connect the tee connector on the vent stack to the elbow connector from the new vertical pipe.

Step 6

Brush primer on the inside of the remaining opening on the tee connector leading from the Y-branch connector and the outside of the remaining elbow connector. Wait 15 seconds. Brush on a coat of PVC cement over the primed surfaces. Slip the elbow into the connector and let set. Attach the short end of the S-trap to the elbow fitting, using PVC cement. Your plumbing is now ready for you to install the laundry sink.