How to Install a 16-Foot Double-Drive Chain Link Gate

Installing a chain-link fence is a practical project many homeowners tackle to enclose dog runs, play areas or entire yards. Once all the posts are set and the chain link mesh stretched, there's only one thing left to do -- hang the gates. Hanging a 16-foot, double-drive gate can be an intimidating ending to a simple project. Fear not! If you managed to install an entire chain-link fence system along your yard's perimeter, hanging a double gate should pose no real challenge.

Step 1

Determine which side of your driveway is the highest using a level.  Lay the level across the threshold where the double gates will be installed, then watch the bubble. Begin your gate install on the side of the bubble's travel, this is the side where the gate will be closest to the ground.  Start from whichever side you prefer if the bubble is in the center.

Step 2

Slip a post hinge onto the higher post, about 8 inches from the top, with the pin facing down.  Secure it in place with the bolt. Repeat for the lower post hinge, but make sure that the pin faces upward. 

Step 3

Attach the frame hinges to the gate frame, tightening the bolts by hand so they can be adjusted easily.  Lay the 2-inch by 4-inch scrap lumber in the threshold and stand the gate up on it. Guide the upper frame hinge onto the upper post pin and tighten it down.  Repeat for the lower hinge. Remove the lumber and check the swing of the gate to ensure it opens and closes correctly. 

Step 4

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the second gate on a level driveway.  Add additional shimming material under the gate when installing the gate hinges if your driveway is not level. Ensure the bottom of the two gates are even before tightening the bolts completely. 

Step 5

Attach the fork latch and collar assembly to the gate of your choice by removing the hardware from the collar, then clamping it over the tube on the gate.  Hand tighten the hardware before testing that the latch will move freely. Tighten the collar down completely when you are satisfied with the positioning. 

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