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How to Build a Closet Carousel

Lucia Mata

A closet carousel allows for the use of storage space more efficiently, whether it's for shoes, cups or other items. Custom closet carousels can be expensive, but you can build one to save money. A closet carousel is designed with a Lazy Susan in the bottom to make it rotate. The size and number of compartments can be chosen according to your needs.

Closet carousels use space more efficiently.

Step 1

Decide how many levels you want the closet carousel to have and how big you want it to be. To fit four pairs of shoes on each level the diameter of each circle should be about 25 inches. Draw a picture on paper and add the dimensions to use as a plan.

Step 2

Draw a circle on a square of plywood using a pencil, the size chosen in Step 1. Cut along the line carefully with a saw. Repeat to cut five or six circles, depending on the amount of closet carousel levels desired.

Step 3

Attach wood edge banding to the edge of each circle. Use a hot clothes iron to add heat. Press the iron firmly to make sure the banding adheres correctly. Continue all the way until the whole circle is finished.

Step 4

Cut two wood dividers for each level, to measure 6 inches in height, and the diameter of the circle in length. Make a cut in the middle of each divider so as to be able to assemble the pair in crisscross fashion.

Step 5

Sand each circle and divider to remove marks and sharp edges. Paint with a roller in a color that complements your closet. Allow the paint to air-dry completely, usually a few hours.

Step 6

Assemble two dividers to make a cross shape. Place them on the center of one plywood circle. Attach using a drill and screws. Place another circle on top and attach the same way. Continue until all the circles and dividers are used. Place the carousel on the Lazy Susan and attach with screws.