How to Make a Mini Water Garden in a Pot

A water feature is an attractive focal point in any garden.

Make a Mini Water Garden in a PotMake a Mini Water Garden in a Pot
The showy pond with exquisite water lilies, koi and attractive landscaping takes an expansive garden. But those with tiny gardens or apartment dwellers with just a patio or deck can enjoy the benefits of a water feature too. A mini water garden in a pot might be the perfect solution.

Choose a glazed ceramic pot without a hole in the bottom and fill it with water.

Select a combination of aquatic plants and perhaps a dwarf water lily. Some plants do well planted in an aquatic plant basket filled with compost and topped with gravel. Other plants float freely on the surface of the water. If a water lily is used, place the basket on the bottom of the pot. The leaves will float to the surface.

Add a couple of small fish if you're using a large pot. The plants will keep the water clear and give the fish oxygen and shade. If you use fish, remember to feed them according to directions on the container. Koi are a good choice with tons of information available at

Protect your mini water garden from freezing solid in cold climates during the winter, especially if you have fish in the container. You may need to find the fish a summer home during cold, winter months.

Prune plants to a manageable size each spring by taking them out of their baskets, then re-setting them in the water garden pot.

Keep plants groomed by removing yellow leaves and dead blooms when they're growing and blooming in the summer.

Cover your water garden pot with netting to keep leaves and other debris out of the water during the fall.

Things You Will Need

  • Large ceramic pot without a hole
  • Aquatic plants
  • Small gold fish (if pot is large enough)
  • Aquatic baskets
  • Aquatic compost, gravel and hessin (to line plant baskets)


  • Look for silk waterlily plants available in water feature specialty shops. Floating among other greenery in the mini pond, they are beautifully realistic and may be more practical than an expensive plant.