How to Maintain a Fountain

To keep a water fountain running properly and looking beautiful season after season, it's important to give it the care and attention it needs. Water fountain maintenance is easy and only requires a few simple tools. Taking a few moments once or twice a week to maintain your fountain will pay off with years of enjoyment.

Maintain a Fountain
  1. Top off the water in the fountain as needed to make up for evaporation. The pump must be covered with water at all times while running or the motor will burn up.

  2. Clean the pump regularly with a soft cloth to keep it clear of debris. Pet dander, algae, dust, and leaves can build up over time, causing clogs.

  3. Treat the fountain water with an algaecide specifically made for water fountains. In addition to being unattractive, smelly and a health hazard, algae growth in your fountain can clog the pump and tubing and possibly harm the fountain's surface over time.

  4. Prevent the build-up of ugly pink and white mineral stains with an anti-white-scale fountain water treatment.

  5. Change the fountain water regularly. Larger fountains that are too heavy or bulky to lift and turn over usually have plugs that make it easy to drain the water. You can also pump the water out by attaching a long tube to your fountain pump and placing the end in a bucket.

  6. Consult the instructions that came with your fountain for care instructions specific to the fountain's design and materials. Some materials, such as copper, require extra care to keep the surface shiny and protected.


  • Never use harsh cleaning products such as bleach or commercial lime scale remover on your fountain unless the fountain instructions specifically state that it's safe to do so. If you're unsure, call the manufacturer.
  • Read the label of all water treatment products used in your fountain. Some can be hazardous to children or pets. Water treatments should not be used in fountains where plants or fish are present.

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