How to Build a Club House

Children love having a place to call their own. This place could be a bedroom with a sign on the door that says, "No Entry!" or a fort made out of chairs and blankets. If they're really lucky, they'll have a club house in the yard. While there are pre-built club houses available, your kids are going to appreciate the ones that you build yourself a lot more.

  1. Find an area in your yard to build on that is level or that you can easily make level. This needs to be a place that you are willing to designate as a kid zone. Lay down your frame materials.

  2. Trace an outline on one of the sheets of plywood to mark where you want the door to be. Saw the outline to make the opening to the club house. If you've got the right kind of saw, you can also add a window to one of the walls.

  3. Nail the four walls together to form a box shape. Use wood glue to reinforce the hold.

  4. Attach the piece of plywood you are using for flooring to the wall outline. Make sure all the corners are lined up correctly.

  5. Build the roof section and attach it to the rest of the club house. To make it really fancy, apply roofing felt and shingles.

  6. Nail the rubber mat at the top of the opening to build a door flap. This can be done on the inside or outside depending on visual preference. If you have a window, nail a rubber mat to the top of that, too.

  7. Paint the outside using outdoor paint. This is a task that kids can help out with. Let your child choose the color. A fun alternative to a solid color is to paint a mural on one or more of the sides.

  8. Decorate the inside of the club house. This can be done with more paint and small furniture, like a child sized chair.

  9. Ask your child to come up with a name for the new building. Make a sign with the name and hang it up on the outside.

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