How to Pick a Clothing Steamer

Many clothes made nowadays are dry clean only. However, with a personal clothes steamer or steam iron, you can give your garment that dry cleaned look yourself at home. Follow these steps to choose the best steamer or steam iron for your needs.

Steam Irons

  1. Create a iron budget. Decide how much you are willing to spend for a steam iron. If your budget is small then you may have to reduce the number of features that your ideal iron has.

  2. Look for an iron that fares well in all main categories such as weight, performance and features. When an iron provides good basic qualities, it will likely be available for a moderate price and last for an average iron lifespan.

  3. Consider the importance of steam output during your search for an iron. Irons with great steaming capacity usually weigh more because they hold more water. Irons with a greater number of tiny steam holes distribute steam more efficiently.

  4. Examine the various types of steam features that steam irons can have. For example, some irons produce vertical steam and some provide optional steam bursts.

  5. Compare models that have received good reviews for durability and resistance to leaks. No iron is worth the money it sells for if it breaks down after a few months or if it creates water marks on your clothing.

Clothing Steamers

  1. Determine if you will use the clothing steamer more often at home or when traveling. Most steamers come in residential and travel or handheld models.

  2. Decide how much you are willing to spend for a steamer. You may have to make trade-offs when comparing features and prices.

  3. Research each model's performance rating, including how quickly it heats up, its volume of steam output, its tendency to scorch fabric and its vulnerability to tipping over.

  4. Examine each model's attachments and features, like brushes, collapsible handles and different heat and steam settings. Look for a clothing steamer with the right combination of features to meet your needs and lifestyle.

  5. Read the fine print about each steamer's wattage and energy usage. Some residential models boast superior performance but require significant power to run them.


  • Some steamers take longer to work wrinkles out of clothing and perform not as well as than steam irons.
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