How to Build a Treeless Treehouse

Who says you need a tree to enjoy the fun of a treehouse? A treeless treehouse can be built in the exact spot you want rather than in the only good tree in the yard. Learn how to build a treeless treehouse by following these steps.

  1. Locate the ideal spot in your yard to build the treeless treehouse. Make sure it is a safe distance away from any fences, buildings or pools.

  2. Decide on the size of your treeless treehouse. The bigger and more elaborate the house, the more expensive it will be.

  3. Buy the material you need for the structure. Use a telephone pole as the "tree" of the house. These can be found at most hardware stores or lumber yards.

  4. Dig a hole 5 feet deep in the ground for the base or "tree." Place the pole in the hole, add cement and then fill it back in with dirt. This makes a strong base to support the house.

  5. Build a platform on the top of the base using plywood or lumber. Keep the base in the center of the platform. Add braces to the bottom of the platform connecting them to the base. This will help hold the weight of the platform.

  6. Construct the house on top of the platform. You can make it a full house or an open structure.

  7. Make a ladder for the treeless tree house out of lumber or rope. Secure the ladder to both the platform of the treehouse and to the ground.

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