How to Build a Propane Tank Enclosure

A propane tank enclosure adds safety to the operation of a tank while hiding it from view and contributing to the design of an outdoor kitchen, deck, pool, spa or yard. Use an enclosure for any kind of propane tank located above ground. Read on to learn how to build a propane tank enclosure.

  1. Examine the propane tank. A portable liquid propane (LP) tank for a barbecue or grill often fits inside the metal enclosure underneath the grill area. This is especially designed for the portable tank, and building an enclosure may not be necessary. Larger tanks that power pools, spas, generators and other propane-powered items require different kinds of enclosure.
  2. Research information on local and state regulations for propane enclosures. These regulations stipulate the distance for locating tanks from buildings and other power sources. Many regulations also cover designing access to both the tank and its controls.
  3. Determine the materials for the enclosure. These must also comply with local and state regulations. In many cases, the materials must be non-combustible such as aluminum or stainless steel.
  4. Make sure the location for the tank is flat. Regardless of size, propane tanks should sit on a level surface.
  5. Provide a ventilation area. There must be a place for gases to escape. Manufacturers say there should be ventilation at both the valve level and floor level. Some instructions suggest that one side should remain completely open.
  6. Consider buying an enclosure kit. Many manufacturers sell kits that meet general guidelines and regulations, complete with installation instructions.

Things You Will Need

  • Local and state propane tank enclosure regulations
  • Non-combustible materials (metal) or a metal enclosure kit


  • You can consider an outdoor metal cabinet customized for ventilation for an enclosure.
  • Always check tanks and enclosures for damage that can affect operation and safety.
  • Unless you are comfortable with metal-working, a commercial enclosure kit is the best option.


  • Some regulations require inspection of an enclosure.
  • Propane is a gas and any equipment, including enclosures, must be properly constructed for safe operation.

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