How to Repair Loose Tape on Drywall

Loose tape on drywall is just plain ugly and it will drive you crazy until it's fixed.

Luckily, it's not a hard repair job for the do-it-yourself handyman. With the right tools and supplies you can repair loose drywall tape to look as good as new. A few helpful tips will help you get started.

Remove the loose tape by slipping the blade of your utility knife under it and gently pull. If the loose tape doesn't pull easily, slide the blade of the knife along the edges. Remove the whole section of loose tape; make sure you remove only the tape and not the paper backing of the drywall.

Clean the repair area with the blade of the putty knife to remove old drywall mud.

Mix the drywall mud according to manufacturers instructions.

Pick up the drywall mud with the putty knife and spread the mud on the repair area.

Embed the mesh tape into the drywall mud; make sure the tape stays straight and doesn't double over.

Apply another layer of drywall mud onto the top of the mesh tape to cover it; apply the mud so it is wider than the tape making the repair less noticeable.

Feather the edges of the drywall repair until no line is visible; use light pressure on the putty knife to diminish lines.

Sand the drywall repair when it has dried; reapply mud if necessary and sand again. Finish the repair project by painting or matching the finish of the room.

Things You Will Need

  • Joint compound (drywall mud)
  • Mesh drywall tape
  • Putty knife with a wide blade
  • Utility knife


  • Clean the putty knife immediately with water and dry thoroughly to prevent rust.