How to Replace a Belt in a Creda Tumble Dryer

The steps to replacing the belt on your creda tumble dryer.

  1. Hey All,

    This doesn't appear to be a simple task so I would suggest making sure you have the time to do this so your project does not get interrupted.

  2. 1: Remove power (better now than later ;-) )

    2: Remove the front door assembly (2 screws holding the hinge to the drier carcase)

    3: Remove the top cover (2 screws at the rear, then slide the top backwards and lift off). It's a good idea to remove any fluff from the innards at this point.

  3. 4: Lay the drier carefully on it's front (I used a pillow to protect the timer and 2 pushbuttons)

    5: Remove the cover over the drum bearing and earth strap (2 screws)

    6: Remove the cover over the fan assembly (numerous screws)

  4. 7: Remove the earthing bracket (copper assembly held by 2 small screws) and then remove the circlip and washer on the drum axle

    8: Remove the fan vanes (3 hex screws holding 2 metal flanges that make up the impeller fan)

    9: Remove all screws around the rear cover and gently lift it up (I supported one edge with a basin perched on the rear of the drum, it gives access to the motor chassy etc. There's a vent tube that will come dislodged at this point; it's easy to relocate later.

  5. 10: Remove any bits of the old belt and drop the new one round the drum. Use tape to hold the belt in the correct position on the drum (if you don't do this, you WON'T gave enough slack to go round the motor pulley....believe me!!)

    11: Carefully feed the belt past one idler wheel and then over the motor pulley. Slowly turn the drum slightly to encourage the belt to feed round the second idler wheel.

  6. 12: Remove the tape used to hold the belt in place

    13: Replace the rear cover (make sure the vent tube is seated correctly at front and rear). Tighten all screws.

  7. 14: Replace the Fan assembly

    15: Replace the drum bearing circlip (I took the opportunity of rotating the bearing through 180 degrees). Replace the copper earthing strap.

    16: Replace the fan housing cover and drum bearing cover. (Make sure the heating element is free of fluff and crud)

  8. 17: Replace the top cover

    18: Fire up the beast!!! It may smell a little if there's anything still on the heating element.


  • Always be sure the power is off to the machine, before doing anything with electrical.
  • Ground yourself.