How to Raise a Roof

A roof is the covering of your building at the uppermost point. Its purpose is to protect the building and all items inside from weather. Each roof is constructed differently dependent upon materials used and building purpose. In order to raise your roof to increase your building square footage you will need construction permits. Often a roof is raised to add bedrooms or office space in a home.

  1. Install a winch hoist in accordance to the specifications provided by the company from which you leased the winch. You may even want a professional to install the winch.

  2. Add the hoist arm and make sure all pins are secure.

  3. Drill anchors into the roof where the cables from the hoist arm will be attached.

  4. Clip the hoist cables to the anchors on all 4 sides of the roof.

  5. Cut the beams and joints and pull out all nails and screws from the walls and roof.

  6. Ease the roof upward with the hoist. Start to put in place hydraulic hoists and support beams.

  7. Suspend the roof as you build up your walls to meet the height of your roof.


  • Consult a professional. Not knowing what you are doing could cost you big bucks in repairs.
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