How to Prepare Homemade Non-Chlorine Bleach

If you like your white clothes really white and your colored clothes really bright, but don't want to use bleach, then you should prepare homemade non-chlorine bleach. It is very simple to make from the same ingredients found in the well-known, non-chlorine bleach products sold in stores. The only difference is that there are not any hazardous or toxic chemicals in the one you make.

  1. Measure out equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water.

  2. Pour the mixture into a clean container, such as a clean plastic milk bottle that you have washed out. Use a funnel to make the process of filling the bottle easier.

  3. Cover the container.

  4. Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients together.

  5. Label the container very clearly, so everyone knows that it contains non-chlorine bleach.

  6. Store your non-chlorine bleach on a high shelf in your laundry area. Make sure that it is safely away from the reach of children.


  • Chlorine bleach adds to the contamination of groundwater supply.
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