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How to Clean a Landau Roof

Karren Doll Tolliver

A landau roof is a special design of roof for a car. With a landau roof, the rear portion of the roof is covered in a vinyl material. The vinyl is often textured. Luxury cars often have landau roofs. Naturally, the vinyl surface must be cleaned differently than the rest of the car’s exterior.

Wash the whole car before cleaning the landau roof.

In addition, it has to be specially protected from the elements. Cleaning and protecting a landau roof is not complicated, and performing regular maintenance on it is necessary to keep it looking new and in good repair.

  1. Move your automobile to the shade. Direct sun can have adverse effects on a car’s finish during cleaning. Wash the entire exterior of the car before addressing the cleaning of the landau roof. Use a detergent formulated for automobiles. This will remove road debris and bird droppings from the landau top in the process. Dry the car and landau top with a clean cotton cloth.

  2. Apply a small amount of vinyl roof cleaner to a clean cotton cloth. Begin at a corner of the landau roof. Rub the vinyl cleaner in a circular motion onto the vinyl. Work your way over the entire landau roof. Follow any additional directions on the label of the vinyl roof cleaner you use.

  3. Put a small amount of additional vinyl cleaner on a soft nylon brush and scrub any especially dirty areas with gentle pressure.

  4. Buff out the landau roof with a clean cotton cloth after the cleaner has been on the surface for a few minutes. Begin buffing at the place you began the cleaner application. Use circular movements, turn the cloth frequently, and work your way over the entire roof.

  5. Protect the landau roof after cleaning with a vinyl protectant designed for cars. Apply it according to the package directions. Use a clean, soft cloth and treat the entire landau roof surface to provide even protection.

  6. Tip

    Wash your car regularly. Inspect the landau roof for excessive dirt or wear and tear. Have slight damage repaired immediately to avoid large repairs later.


    Never use solvents or bleach on a landau roof because they can damage the vinyl. Do not use abrasive pads or wire brushes that can scratch the surface.