How to Clean a SunSetter Awning

Catherine Grainger

SunSetter Awnings are an added benefit for enjoyment of outdoor events. They come in handy even when you just want to lay back relax and enjoy nature without the sun or rain to bother you, or when you have a barbeque with friends and family on your patio.

Nevertheless, these awnings are bound to get dirty with prolonged daily use.

Awnings can wear out quickly if not cleaned thoroughly and often. No one should have to replace an awning because it is not clean, especially if it has been used for many memorable family events. Keeping your Sunsetter awning clean is as easy as it is important.

How to Clean a SunSetter Awning

  1. Before you begin cleaning the awning, test the cleaner on a similar material or on a small hidden section of your awning. There might be some sort of negative effect of the cleaner on the material, such as color change or material weakening.

  2. Carefully choose the correct type of cleaner for the type of industrial fabric you will be cleaning, in this case “The Universal Vinyl Cleaner” cleans most plastic and vinyl materials with no harmful results.

  3. Spray the cleaning solution on the material starting from the bottom to the top so you don’t get streaks when the cleaner runs down. Wipe the entire awning with your sponge, from the top to the bottom.

  4. Allow the cleaner set for a while after being sponged or brushed, this will ensure that tough stains and dirt are fully saturated with the cleaner, and will make removal of the dirt easier.

  5. Rinse the awning with water, starting from the top and working downward and then allow the awning to dry completely before closing, and that’s it, your SunSetter awning should look brand new again.


You may need to repeat the above steps if you are not satisfied with the results. Feel free to apply some Universal Fabric Sealer after you have cleaned your awning, and it is completely dry. Sealer will give your awning stronger and longer lasting protection against dirt, and nature, which will then add to the lifespan of your SunSetter awning. Cleaning your SunSetter awning every few months from the time of installation for the entire life of the awning will make each cleaning easier, and will prolong the number of years that you are able to enjoy the awning.


Follow the instruction on the cleaning solution very carefully; measurements of solution to water are crucial to the cleaning effect, and to the protection of the fabric.

Never use harsh chemical cleaners that are not made specifically for SunSetter awnings or for similar industrial fabrics.