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How to Restore the Finish on Vinyl Patio Furniture

Linda Stamberger

Vinyl patio furniture is a popular alternative to fabric and foam cushion furniture, which can easily become mildewed. Vinyl is durable like leather, and withstands outdoor elements better then leather because it is a form of plastic. It is aesthetically pleasing because it looks like leather, and adds a luxurious appeal to outdoor patio décor. Vinyl becomes dull from body and scalp oil, weather, spills and stains. Cleaning and restoring vinyl patio furniture will restore the original finish.

patio furniture
  1. Use vinyl cleaner and apply an even layer with a soft dry cloth to the vinyl patio furniture surface. Put on disposable plastic gloves and a mask if sensitive to cleaning smells.

  2. Place a generous amount of vinyl cleaner on a clean white cloth. Rub the entire surface of the vinyl furniture, flipping the cloth over to a clean side once the first layer of dirt is removed. Use a second clean rag if necessary. Take a soft sponge and buff the furniture, until the vinyl begins to shine and the excess cleaner is removed.

  3. Rub orange oil onto vinyl to restore finish on vinyl patio furniture. Orange oil works well at removing stubborn stains, such as soil and grass. Put orange oil on clean cloth, and in a circular motion, rub the oil over the furniture. After the vinyl is cleaned, take a second coat of orange oil and condition the vinyl, making sure the oil seeps into the surface. Vinyl is porous, like leather and becomes cracked if not properly lubricated with conditioner or cleaner. Use orange oil as both a cleaner and conditioner, to restore moisture and shine to vinyl patio furniture.

  4. Use a vinyl patch repair kit to restore finish that is too dull, or isn't restored from vinyl cleaner or orange oil. Repair any patches or tears in the vinyl following the instructions that comes with the kit, and use the wax within the kit to restore the sheen finish to vinyl after it is repaired. Restore vinyl by using a similar color within the kit to re-color the vinyl in worn and repaired areas. Dye colorant can be mixed with a clear vinyl finish and used as a top coat for vinyl furniture. Put on plastic gloves, and mix the dye colorant within the kit with the clear finish, making sure to follow directions on how much to mix.

  5. Prep furniture to ready surface for colorant. Use a vinyl prep spray. Let dry. Use aerosol plastic adhesion promoter as a primer for the vinyl furniture before coloring. Use an aerosol that is eco-friendly if prepping the furniture outdoors, one also made for outdoor vinyl furniture prepping.