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How to Refinish Resin Wicker

Susan Reynolds

You can refinish your own resin furniture and restore it to an almost-new condition if it looks like it's fading or needs updating. Resin is made from polyethylene and looks very shiny, like plastic. It is a good finish for outdoor or patio furniture because it tends to resist scratches and dents.

In order to paint over resin, you will need some high-bond paints made specifically for use with plastics and resin.

  1. Clean the resin wicker by spraying a mold and mildew remover product on it. Wait a minute for it to soak before you wipe it down with paper towels. Dry it completely.

  2. Set the wicker outside or in a well-ventilated area before applying any paint.

  3. Wear gloves and lay down newspapers or drop cloths.

  4. Apply a coat of primer paint made specifically for resin (see Resources). Use a natural bristled paintbrush and make the coat very thin so it doesn't clump over the wicker strands. Let it dry for 24 hours.

  5. Apply a light coat of paint over the dry primer with a spray can. Use light, even strokes to coat the wicker, holding the can about a foot away from the furniture.

  6. Paint a second coat when the first coat has dried completely. Let it dry for 48 hours before using the furniture.


Paint the wicker furniture in an area where it won't come into contact with flying debris or insects that might stick to the paint.