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How to Paint Vinyl Fencing

How to Paint Vinyl Fencing. If you're looking for fencing that requires little maintenance, then vinyl fencing is for you. Vinyl fencing is durable and strongly resists the elements. Over time, you might decide to paint your vinyl fence, if for no other reason than to change the color.

While it's not recommended, here's how you can paint your vinyl fence.

  1. Purchase an epoxy-based paint from any home improvement center or paint supply store. An epoxy-based paint easily adheres to the smooth finish of a vinyl fence.

  2. Clean the fence. Remove any dirt and debris by spraying with a hose or wiping down with a damp cloth. Make sure the surface has dried before painting.

  3. Apply a primer. Use a primer designed specifically to resist mold and mildew buildup and that adheres to vinyl. An primer that can be used to paint outside vinyl shutters would be a good choice to use on your fence.

  4. Paint the fence with a brush, roller or paint sprayer. A sprayer will allow you to apply the paint evenly and with less dripping. You'll also paint the fence in half the time it would take using a roller.

  5. Apply a sealer. A high-gloss sealer will make your freshly-painted vinyl fence shine and provide a layer of protection against peeling and fading.

  6. Tip

    Vinyl fencing is specifically designed to be nearly maintenance free and painting is not recommended. If you decide to paint, your fence will require more attention, including a fresh painting every few years if the paint cracks, peels or fades.


    Painting the fence may void your warranty. Wear safety goggles or glasses if you use a paint sprayer. Painting a vinyl fence can damage the surface of the vinyl.