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How to Remove Oxidation From an Aluminum Trailer

Jay Kurz

Oxidation is a white chalky residue that forms on the surface of aluminum and many other materials. Oxidation is caused by exposure to oxygen in the air. Generally aluminum oxidation can be removed using an aluminum polish, but for heavier oxidation a rubbing compound may be needed before the polish is applied. Once the oxidation is removed and the aluminum is polished, it will retain its natural finish.

Aluminum trailer cleaning tips
  1. Fill a bucket with clean water and wet the surface of the trailer. Begin removing any heavy oxidation with an aluminum rubbing compound on a clean rag. Work in small areas and continuously rinse the aluminum with clean water so the oxidation residue won't dry and re-stain the aluminum. Continue until all oxidation has been removed.

  2. Dry the trailer using squeegees and a towel after all the oxidation has been removed and thoroughly rinsed clean.

  3. Apply an aluminum polish to the trailer using a foam application pad on an electric buffer. The polish should be applied in circular motions and completely cover the entire surface of the aluminum. Let the polish dry so there is a hazy film covering the trailer.

  4. Buff the polish in using a wool buffing pad on the electric buffer. This will seal the aluminum to protect against future oxidation as well as give it a like-new finish.