How to Level a House

Your house will settle over time so you may find in six months to a year that your house is no longer level. You find doors do not close easily or they won't stay open. Sometimes there can be cracks in the foundation. You may see a bulge in the center of a floor in one room. These are all signs that your house is no longer level. Read on to find out how to level it.

  1. Determine that your house is not level. Use a laser level or other type of level and go into each room in your house. Set the level on the floor in the center and see if the room is level.

  2. Mark the location or locations that are not level.

  3. Crawl under your house using the crawl space and build a temporary foundation from the blocks. Be sure this foundation is on solid ground under your house in the area that needs to be leveled.

  4. Jack the house up using the hydraulic jack. Place the new temporary foundation in place. Allow the house to rest on the new foundation and check to make sure it is level.

  5. Repeat step four until the house is completely level everywhere. Go inside the house and check the rooms again by going to the center of the rooms which were not level and using your level. Also, check rooms that were level to make sure they still are.

  6. Stabilize the house on the temporary supports and prepare permanent supports. Check the existing beams to see if they are damaged or rotted or if the house just settled with time.

  7. Add the new permanent supports and remove the temporary blocks once you are sure the house is stable. Again check to make sure your house is level by checking each room with your level.


  • This is a huge undertaking. Be prepared to call a professional general contractor to help if you run into trouble you cannot fix alone.
  • Be sure to check your utility lines especially if you have underground utilities.

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