How to Use a Grout Bag

Grout bags are used in situations where the grout needs to stay in a smaller area, such as when the grout will stain the tile or where it would be difficult to clean the grout off when finished with the job. Grout bags are also good for small jobs or when it is difficult to get the job into crevices or holes with a grout tool. Using a grout bag is not difficult and almost as easy as using a cake frosting bag.

  1. Buy a grout bag and grout. There are several types of grout bags, including a disposable plastic version and multiple use PVC and cloth types.

  2. Mix dry grout and water in a separate container. Mix the compound to the consistency of toothpaste.

  3. Fill the grout bag to about 1/3 the volume of the bag, or less if you are using only a small amount.

  4. Remove air pockets by shaking the mixture down to the bottom of the bag, and then twist the top of the bag to keep the grout from coming out of the top.

  5. Use firm, consistent pressure to squeeze the grout out of the bag so it comes out smoothly and evenly.

  6. Use a small trowel to wipe off any excess grout and make sure to fill in gaps, holes and cracks completely.

  7. Clean excess grout off of the tile or surface with a very damp sponge.