How to Reupholster a Club Chair

If you've got an old club chair with a sturdy frame but it looks worn and dated, reupholstering the fabric might be all you need to do to give it new life. With just a few tools and a little patience you can reupholster a club chair and wind up with a new favorite chair.

  1. Gather your materials. To reupholster a club chair you'll need up to seven yards of upholstery fabric, scissors, measuring tape, a staple gun, wadding and strips of upholstery tacks. Make sure to work outside or cover your work area with newspaper before you begin.

  2. Strip away all of the fabric that's covering the chair and the backrest. If the wadding looks dirty and worn, remove that too.

  3. Verify and measure the widest part of the backrest and the length from top to bottom. Add two inches on all side of your measurements when cutting the fabric to reupholster the club chair. Staple the fabric to the frame so that the side you want to show is facing out of the back of the chair with overlapping fabric on the inside.

  4. Cut three layers of wadding to fit the inside of the backrest. Staple it to the chair frame, and cover it with the fabric with the staple gun. Keep the staples to the edge of the frame.

  5. Cover the staples with strips of upholstery tacks to get a neat, even row of tacks.

  6. Measure and cut a double thickness of wadding for the seat, securing it in place with the staple gun.

  7. Fit the fabric over the wadding and neatly fold the excess into the corners. Staple the fabric in place along the edge of the frame.

  8. Finish by covering the staples with strips of upholstery tacks.

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