How to Get Rid of Spider Webs

Spider webs are annoyances than occur both inside and outside of the home. Indoors, you have a tendency to find spider webs lurking in corners and dusty areas of your house. Outside, spiders have a tendency to make their webs throughout the yard.

  1. Vacuum your entire house with a hose attachment to suck up the spider webs. Make sure that you vacuum in corners and around light fixtures because these are popular areas for spider webs.

  2. Use a spider web remover. These removers are basically regular dusters with an extended handle to get to hard to reach areas where spiders make their webs.

  3. Clean away the spider web with the patented spray Cobweb Eliminator. This product not only removes the web, but also leaves behind a residue that prevents spiders from spinning webs in the future.

  4. Spray webs outdoors with a garden hose. This cleans the surrounding area and gets rid of the spider web. If you can't reach the web with the hose, use a stick to eliminate the web.

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