How to Fix a Sagging Emtek Door Handle

Emtek makes a beautiful line of door handles. However, as with all mechanical objects, use takes its toll, causing door handles to become unstable and sag. You don't need to call a repairman, though. Here's how to fix a sagging Emtek door handle.

  1. Unscrew your Emtek door handle from the door. Usually you'll need a Phillips screwdriver. Work loose the knob or lever turn post - depending on the type of door handle you have - with an Allen wrench. The Allen wrench is a tool with a six-sided shape that fits into the slot like a screwdriver to "unscrew" it.

  2. Take the turn post and the spring out of the back of the door handle. Look inside the door handle to examine the mechanical parts. Within are the parts that keep the handle up, not sagging.

  3. Get a screwdriver under the top clip that's over the washer and take it off, as well as the washer.

  4. Examine the torsion spring below the washer for any breaks or bad places. Also, if it's broken, it won't sit solidly in its slot. If it looks OK, move on.

  5. Pry the end of the torsion spring loose and take it out.

  6. Check the keyed washer below for any breaks. Usually this is where the problem occurs that creates a sagging door handle.

  7. Contact your Emtek dealer for replacement parts, then reassemble your door handle, going in reverse order from the steps above to put the parts back together.

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