How to Spray Paint Without Making a Mess

Spray paint is a marvelous invention that allows almost anyone to paint an object.

It's quick and easy to use, but it does require a few precautions to prevent making a mess in the process. Anyone can spray paint without making a mess if they follow these guidelines.

Begin by choosing a well ventilated area to work in. I strongly recommend that any spray painting job be done in the garage or workshop; not in the house.

Cover the area with old newspapers to prevent damage to the floor or table from over-spray. Move any valuable items well out of the reach of the spray.

Spray a thin even coat of spray paint on the object and allow to dry.

You can spray paint outside under optimum conditions. Choose a warm clear day with no wind. A sudden gust of wind can carry spray paint much further than you may anticipate.

Find a location that is away from buildings, flowerbeds, clothes lines or anything else your mother might consider valuable.

Spread an old tarp on the ground, otherwise you will end up painting the lawn, too, and that's sure not to go over well, either.

Spray the object with a thin even coat of paint and let dry. If you want a thicker coat of paint reapply once the first coat has dried.

Things You Will Need

  • spray paint
  • newspapers
  • tarp


  • Know where pets and small children are at all times. When kitty returns to the house sporting the newest shade of blue, someone is going to pay!

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