How to Make Potholders

With a few scrap materials, you can make a a variety of pot holders to meet all your needs and still have some left over to give away as gifts. So gather up your odds and ends of material, fire up the sewing machine and get ready to make your own custom potholders.

  1. Choose scraps of materials with designs that appeal to you and that will match your kitchen decor. You will need two squares for each pot holder, but it isn't necessary that the two squares match. Consider using a plain complementary color as the back of the pot holder.

  2. Cut quilter's batting into 8-by-8 inch squares. You will need one square for each pot holder. If you have low pile quilter's batting you may wish to use two or more squares.

  3. Sandwich the batting between the two fabric squares you have chosen for your pot holder. Your fabric should have the right side of the fabric facing out and the back side against the batting.

  4. Pin the layers securely with quilter's pins.

  5. Draw a line across the diagonal of the square from corner to corner. Repeat for the other diagonal.

  6. Mark lines parallel to the diagonal line at 2 inch intervals until you reach the edge of the square.

  7. Stitch along the lines to create diamond shaped quilting.

  8. Finish off the pot holder by pinning bias tape around the edges and creating a loop for hanging. Stitch the bias tape around the edges of the pot holder with a sewing machine.

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