How to Build a Backyard Wooden Fence

There comes a time in the life of your home that you become ready for some privacy from your neighbors. Whatever your reasons may be, a backyard wooden fence can be a great option to give you the privacy you desire without breaking the bank.

How to Build a Backyard Wooden Fence

Backyard Wooden Fence
  1. Mark where your poles are going to go. It's extremely important that you correctly space your fence posts before you dig. Take a tape measure and starting at the one end spray paint a small mark every 6-8 feet. These are where your posts are going to go.

  2. Dig your post holes. As straight as you can, take your post hole digger and dig holes on each of your marks, deep enough that 1/3 of your post fits into the hole.

  3. gravel, level, and secure your posts. Take about 2 shovel fulls of your gravel and place it in the bottom of your hole. Set your post in the hole and take a level and set it on the top of your posts. Once your posts are level use boards to securely hold your post in place.

  4. Cement your posts. You can also use dirt but cement will hold up better, especially in moist climates with a lot of rainfall. Fill the hole up to just above the post hole. You do not want to leave any room for water to pool at the bottom of your post so make sure that the cement is piled up at an angle around the base of your pole so that the water runs off. Leave your cement to dry for the recommended time on the package. This time will vary dependent on the type and brand of cement that you buy.

  5. Build your fencing. Once your post have dried completely, attach a top and bottom rail between each of your post. Be very precise on each post to be sure your fence is level. Nail your fence boards vertically across your entire fence line.


  • Take care to make exact measurements and to be sure that your poles are level. Not being precise can affect both the look and integrity of your fence.
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