How to Install Waterproof Drywall and Tiles in a Shower and Tub Area

Installing drywall and tiles in a shower and tub area has to be done with care, because of the moisture present in bathrooms.

How to Install Waterproof Drywall and Tiles in a Shower and Tub Area

It is important to use green drywall in moisture-prone bathrooms rather than regular drywall. Following this guide will help install waterproof drywall and tiles.

Unscrew water faucets trim from tub/shower area

Use your flat bar and remove old tile

Remove all the old drywall. Using a utility knife cut the drywall edges at the locations of the drywall you want to remove. Knock a hole in the old drywall so you can remove it. Clean all drywall from wood studs and remove all nails/screws.

Cut new waterproof drywall to size and install by nails or screws. Nail drywall within one inch from bottom and top and three equally-spaced nails in between on each wood stud.

Using the 4 inch drywall knife, spread drywall compound on seams and inside corners about 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick about 2 inches wide making sure to fully cover the seams.

Using the drywall paper install on compound over seams and in the corners. You will need to fold the paper and install into corners at proper lengths. Using the 4-inch blade, press the paper into the compound and then squeeze the excess compound out so that it leaves an even and flat surface.

Let dry for 24 hours.

Spread wall glue on wall using the 1/8 inch trowel, starting on the back wall.

Install the tile starting on the shower or tub surface working from the left to right. Cut last tile as needed. You may need to adjust tiles to keep the grout lines straight and even. After the back wall is complete you can do the remaining walls the same way.

After 24 hours mix water and grout in a bucket according to the directions on the package, and spread into the grout lines with a grout trowel.

Wash off excess grout as needed leaving grout in grout lines but off of the tile.

Caulk all corners and tile to tub/shower surfaces.

Things You Will Need

  • ½ inch green (waterproof) drywall typically for a shower or tub area you will need 3 or 4 4x8 sheets
  • 1 roll drywall tape
  • Bucket of drywall compound
  • 6-inch wide drywall knife
  • 3 pounds of either drywall nails or screws / 1 5/8 long
  • Tile as per your selection / measure square footage of tiled area for your selection
  • Tile grout
  • Tile glue for wall tile
  • One tube of tile / bathroom caulk
  • Hammer / screw gun
  • Small flat bar
  • 1/8 inch V notch trowel
  • Grout trowel
  • Sponge and water bucket
  • Tile cutter


  • Work in small sections when applying the tile glue to avoid having it dry before tiles are applied.