How to Drain a Waterbed Without a Pump

Water beds really got a jolt in popularity back in the '80s and '90s.
One of the most common problems that homeowners would have is draining the water from the mattress. Now, most water beds come with a kit that includes an attachment that fits on the end of a water hose to help in the filling and the draining of a waterbed.

Make certain there is a clear path between the water bed and the nearest exit in the house.

Make certain that the draining end of the water hose is outside. Secure the drain kit adapter to the end of the water hose and then to the draining valve in the mattress. If it is not available, insert hose into the mattress through the valve.

Start a siphon by applying enough pressure on the far end of the mattress that it causes water to flow from the mattress into the hose. As long as the hose is on a down-hill slope, even if it is the tiniest of slopes, the force of nature will drain the mattress.

Sometimes the water will need a little coaxing to get started. Go to the end of the hose that is outside and suck the air out of the line. The sound of the water running will allow time to lay the hose back down on the ground.

Things You Will Need

  • Plenty of water hose
  • Towels
  • Water bed drain kit


  • Always keep the draining end of the hose outside.
  • Placing towels around the drain valve protects the bed frame.

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