How to Make a Coffee Can Bird Feeder

Spending time in the yard is a rewarding experience for many people, and seeing lots of birds zipping around is sure to bring a smile. So how do you attract lots of birds? Simple...feed them! Birds will always come back to places where they have scored a meal, so you can use this to your advantage and provide a feeder for them. There are plenty of bird feeders at the store, and they come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and vary wildly in price. Before you spend a wad of hard earned dough on an overpriced piece of plastic, why not make your own birdfeeder? The following article will teach you how to make a bird feeder out of a coffee can.

A metal coffee can, painting designs optional!
  1. Cut the bottom out of a used metal coffee can using a can opener. The metal cans work better than plastic ones because they are uniform in size on both ends and the lid will fit on both ends.

  2. Cut the plastic lid of the coffee can in half using scissors.

  3. Place one half of the lid on each end of the can, making sure you have them lined up uniformly.

  4. Tape the lid halves to the coffee can using duct tape.

  5. Punch or drill a hole in the roof of the coffee can on each end, near each edge. You will have two holes, almost directly above the taped lid halves.

  6. String a piece of rope or wire through the holes and tie it around a tree branch, with the coffee can hanging below.

  7. Fill the can with birdseed, making sure that you have the can level so it doesn't slide to one side, causing birdseed to fall out.