How to Make a Bird Table

Some birds prefer to eat seed off the ground rather than perching on the rungs of a tube-feeder. Sparrows and cardinals are examples of birds who fall into this category. To feed them in a yard also occupied by cats, dogs and kids, build them a bird-table that can be hung out of reach of all except hungry birds. This is a simple carpentry project that's especially fun to do with children.

  1. Lay out lumber strips to make a rim around the edges of your plywood. 12-inch strips will completely cover short sides of plywood, and 17-inch strips will cover the long sides.

  2. Hammer brads into strips to attach them to plywood. If you are doing this with a child, teach him or her to hold the brad in pliers. Do the hammering yourself. This saves on mashed fingers.

  3. Screw a cup-hook into rim close to each of the four corners.

  4. Attach a piece of chain to each cup-hook. Once chain is attached, use pliers to bend cup-hook into a closed loop (so chain cannot pull off).

  5. Use pliers and open the ring. Attach loose ends of chains, including the fifth piece of chain.

  6. Holding bird table by the fifth chain, check to make sure it hangs level. Adjust where chains attach to ring, one link at a time. Once your table hangs level, close the ring with pliers.

  7. Slip large S-hook onto end of fifth chain.

  8. Mount pole in your yard, preferably close to trees or bushes that birds can use for "cover." Attach bird table, using S-hook. Add bird-seed and watch the fun.

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