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How to Use a Wax Remover on Fiberglass

Larry Parr

Generally, a coating of wax on fiberglass is a good thing and most fiberglass cleaning products either promise not to remove the wax finish or they promise to restore the wax finish.However, there are times when it is necessary to remove all of the wax finish from fiberglass, especially old or weathered fiberglass.

  1. Mix one pound of TSP in a bucket of warm water. Use a dish scrubber (the Teflon-safe variety) to scrub the fiberglass surface. Keep in mind that in part it is the slightly abrasive qualities of the TSP that are at work breaking down and scraping off the wax on your fiberglass so do not hesitate to rub the surface with a bit of elbow grease and to rub until you can visually see the waxy layer being scrubbed off. Rinse with plenty of warm water when you're done and dry the area thoroughly.

  2. Purchase a commercial fiberglass oxidation remover. Fiberglass oxidation remover can be found wherever boating products are sold and also at many auto products dealers as well as over the Internet. Spread a little of the cleaner onto a Teflon-safe dish scrubber and then scrub your fiberglass in a circular pattern unless directed to do otherwise by the product's manufacturer.When you're done, rinse liberally with clean water and then dry the area thoroughly.

  3. Purchase a commercial car polish. Put a small amount of car polish on a soft cloth and rub the fiberglass in a circular pattern lightly. The polishing agents in commercial car polish are extremely abrasive and must be used with care on fiberglass. Start with a small area, wipe gently and then rinse off. See how much wax has been removed and use that as a gauge for how much pressure should be applied for the rest of the job. Take your time when using car polish. Rinse and inspect your work frequently.