How to get rid of Mold in the house

The Environmental Protection Agency states that it is impossible to remove all the mold from an environment. Mold spores can exist on any organic matter and wherever it is damp. Despite this, it is possible to remove most mold from a home. Mold can affect the way that people breathe, and it can also exacerbate conditions like allergies and asthma, so take steps to rid your home of mold.

Rain causes mold problems in leaky homes.
  1. Assess the mold problem. If the patch of mold is larger than 10 square feet, call a cleaning professional or a professional mold removal service.

  2. Mix a solution that is ¼ laundry detergent and ¾ water and use it to scrub any hard areas that are affected by mold.

  3. Throw out any absorbent items that are moldy unless they can be thoroughly washed and dried. Once mold takes hold in an absorbent material, it tends to stay.

  4. Fix any leaky roofs or gutters. Mold is drawn to constantly wet areas, and leaks offer them an excellent place to grow.

  5. Dry out any area that has grown wet or damp using powerful fans. Drying out wet areas within 24 to 48 hours after they get wet reduces the chance of mold taking hold.

  6. Clean and dry anything that was in the area surrounding the mold.