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How Much Clorox to Mix to Clean Vinyl Siding

Nathaniel Miller

Vinyl house siding is extremely durable, long-lasting, and stays looking "brand new" for years after it is mounted, however over time it can become dingy looking from the elements and a build up of soot or mold. The great thing about this type of siding is that it can simply be washed down using a mild cleaner to get it looking freshly mounted once more! In this article I discuss how I wash down my house each year using Chlorox bleach as a detergent.

  1. Mix one part bleach to five parts water (in my experience 1/2-gallon bleach to 2.5-gallons of water works well) in the 5-gallon bucket. Put on your rubber gloves, grab a rag and start scrubbing!

  2. Scrub the vinyl siding with the rag from side to side, making sure to keep the solution from dripping onto your clothes (even this diluted bleach will cause colors to fade).

  3. After scrubbing a 10 to 12 foot section of siding thoroughly, rinse the siding with copious amounts of water. Repeat this process until you have covered the entire house. Your siding should look as good as new!

  4. Warning

    Always wear safety goggles and latex gloves when working with even a mild caustic solution, such as bleach water!