How to Get Rid of Mice in Barns

Mice are small creatures, but they can do big damage. If you have mice infesting your barn you could have a few problems. First, the mice could be eating your animal's feed. Second, the mice could scare your animals. Third, the mice feces and urine carry nasty diseases that both you and your animals can contract. It is important to get rid of the mice in your barns as soon as you realize they are there.

  1. Place some mint plants around the perimeter of your barn. Mice hate the smell of mint and will avoid going near it.

  2. Use mouse traps. This is a very traditional method, but it works. There is a little-known trick for catching the mice with a trap. Spend two or three days leaving the trap out with some cheese or peanut butter, but without setting it. The mouse will be tricked into thinking that the trap is safe. Then set the trap and you will catch the mice. Keep setting the traps until you go a few weeks without catching any more. That will indicate that you have gotten rid of the mice.

  3. Place some glue traps near the openings in your barn. Mice will get caught on the glue trap and will remain there until you dispose of them. The good thing is that you can catch more than one mouse on one trap.

  4. Buy a large metal bowl and grease the inside of it. Throw a piece of cheese in the middle of the bowl. Make a cardboard ramp for the mouse to climb up. The mouse will climb up the ramp and jump in the bowl to get the treat. It won't be able to get back out because of the grease. Leave the bowl in the barn where you see evidence of the mice.

  5. Buy some poison and lay it around your barn, but away from any other animals. You can make your own poison if you don't want to buy any. Just pour some boric acid in to some chicken broth and roll it up in to a ball. Place the balls all around the barn.

  6. Get some cats from the animal shelter. Seriously, this works and is the only long-term solution. None of the other methods will prevent new mice returning again the next winter. Cats will keep the mice away for good.


  • Wear plastic gloves if you make your own poison. Keep poisons and traps away from children and pets.