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How to Get Roaches Out of a Microwave

Emily Jones

Cockroaches are among the most common household insect pests. They can find their way into a home through cracks or under doorways. Roaches love to find shelter in household appliances like microwaves because they provide warmth, shelter and low lighting.

Remove roaches from your microwave with a few simple measures.

Roaches can cause major damage by eating components inside the microwave and leaving droppings that can cause electrical problems. If you discover roaches in your microwave, eliminate them immediately.

  1. Spread boric acid behind the microwave and other appliances. Reapply as needed. The roaches will crawl across the powder in search for food and ingest it, which will kill them. They will all be dead within three to five weeks.

  2. Treat the rest of your home for roaches. Dust boric acid lightly in all the carpeted rooms of your home. Let the powder sit for a day and then vacuum. Throw the vacuum bag away immediately in an outside trash container.

  3. Practice good sanitation. Clean your home often, especially the kitchen and bathroom. Don’t leave food or dirty dishes out overnight. Keep floors and countertops clean of food and crumbs.

  4. Reduce the moisture level in your home. Purchase a dehumidifier to decrease moisture and deter roaches from inhabiting your home.

  5. Prevent cockroaches from entering your home. Use caulk to seal off entry points, like cracks in the walls or foundation.

  6. Tip

    Do not put boric acid on countertops or other surfaces used to prepare food. Keep boric acid out of the reach of children and pets.