How to Cut a Single Pane of Glass

Cutting your own pane of glass isn't hard and can be done for so many different items around your house. From big projects, such as table tops and windows, to small projects, such as picture frames and crafts, cutting your own glass can be beneficial to your time as well as your budget.

Cutting a single pane of glass
  1. Lay the glass on a flat surface, such as a dining room table or a work bench.

  2. Measure the size of the glass that you need to cut using a tape measure and mark the glass with a dry erase pen.

  3. Align the straight edge along the marks made by the dry erase pen.

  4. Hold the straight edge firmly in place with one hand while holding the glass cutter in the other hand. Press the cutting wheel to the glass and apply steady even pressure as you cut along the marked line. This will create a small fracture in the glass.

  5. Hold the glass over the edge of your flat surface and tap with the blunt end of the glass cutter along the cut line. This will separate the fracture and create two pieces.


  • Glass will be sharp and may cut you so wear leather gloves.
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