How to Replace Water Pressure Tanks

If you're changing out your pressure tank for a larger one, or needing to replace it, following the proper steps will allow you to get this done successfully.

There are different brands and sizes of pressure tanks. Consult a well driller to make sure the new pressure tank matches the GPM and HP of the well pump that you have as you do not want your pressure tank to be over sized. Over sizing the system will wear out your pump since your pump would be constantly on.

  1. Turn off the electricity to the well at the breaker.

  2. Turn on your water faucets and drain them. Wait for the water to stop before beginning installation.

  3. Unscrew the pipe underneath the pressure tank with your plumber's wrench. Do this slowly, allowing it to release the excess pressure as you go.

  4. Remove the tank after fully unscrewing the pipe.

  5. Install the new tank in the old tank's place. Wrap pipe thread tape on the threads of the pipe, going fully around three or four times. Screw the pipe into the pressure tank.

  6. Turn back on the electricity and test for leaks.


  • Turn off the electricity to the well before starting.