How to Pick Bathroom Tile

Picking bathroom tile can be overwhelming especially if you have tons of choices. The good news is, once you choose the bathroom tile you want to install, one of the hardest parts of installing tile is over! If you're planning to tile your bathroom, here's some tips on how to pick bathroom tile:

It's important to pick bathroom tile for aesthetics AND function.
  1. Take pictures of your bathroom before you venture out to home improvement stores to pick bathroom tile. The photos will help salespeople understand the scope of the project you are undertaking.

  2. Understand the varieties of tile you can pick bathroom tile from. Make sure you do your research and look up the following types of tile: ceramic tile, glass tile, mosaic tile, porcelain tile, natural stone tile (marble, slate, granite etc), and quarry tile. (this is not an exhaustive bathroom tile list)

    Glazed ceramic tile is often used in bathrooms because it is water resistant and less expensive than other tile, but be sure to research sealants for other types of tile too. Ceramic tile is easy to install and repair since it's easy to cut and knock out.

    Natural stone can be a beautiful solution for your bathroom as long as you are ok with spending the extra money to seal it and make it work. Your local home improvement store can also help you decide which type of bathroom tile is best for your project and budget.

  3. Decide whether to use small, medium or large bathroom tiles. Large tiles are best used in larger bathrooms especially if there is a repeating pattern. Large tiles make a room look bigger, so if you have a medium sized bathroom, large tiles can visually expand the space.

  4. Decide on the color for your bathroom tile. Ivory, almond, grey and neutral colors are most popular, but don't be afraid to use bold color splashes here and there when you pick bathroom tile. Keep in mind the color of bathroom fixtures when choosing bathroom tile colors - you don't want them to clash.

  5. Consider the texture of the tile and where it will be placed before you pick bathroom tile. Make sure you don't select a tile that will be very slippery when wet if it will be placed on the floor just outside the bathtub! Shower tiles should have a smooth surface to repel water and inhibit mold growth. In addition, make sure the tile is durable enough if you will use it on a countertop. Countertops are prone to more wear and tear since items will be placed on top of them.

  6. Keep in mind that you might sell your house one day! If there is a chance that you may sell your house down the road, be sure to pick bathroom tile that would be appealing to perspective buyers as well. A bathroom full of tiles with Elvis on them is not appealing to the majority of folks! (I've seen it done!)

  7. Check out the Resource links below for more bathroom tile information and home improvement projects.


  • Make sure you always use water resistant grout and be sure to seal your bathroom tiles! This will help extend the life of your bathroom tile.

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