How to Install Pre Charged Pressure Water Well Tanks

A pre-charged pressure tank is a required part of a well system for proper water pressure. You can have a professional looking installed pressure tank by doing it yourself. You will also be saving money as well as gaining experience with your well system when needed repairs arise in the future. A pre-charged pressure tank is pre-charged at the factory with air for the proper pressure, this allows you to install and not have to charge the tank with air from an air compressor.

  1. Install the T joiner in between the piping after the check valve that comes from the well. Wrap teflon tape 3-4 times around the thread and screw on with your plumbers wrench. This T-valve needs to be installed where your pressure tank will be. You will be installing this pressure tank in your basement at the main water pipe entrance.
  2. Wrap teflon tape 3-4 times around the pipe that you will install to the pressure tank. Screw the pipe on the top of the T joiner to go to the pressure tank with your plumbers wrench. On the other side of the T joiner screw on the pipe that goes to the house by first wrapping teflon tape 3-4 times around this pipe as well then screwing into the joiner.
  3. Set your pressure tank in the desired location in your basement to where the pipe that you have installed can screw into the bottom of the pressure tank .
  4. Wrap the teflon pipe tape three to four times around the threads of the pipe that will be screwing into the pressure tank.
  5. Screw the pipe, with your plumbers wrench, into the pressure tank port on the bottom. Test for leaks by starting up the system.

Things You Will Need

  • Plumber's wrench
  • Teflon pipe tape
  • T joiner matching thread size on pipe from well
  • Piping to match size of pipe from well